my name is derek koch

I am a graphic designer working in New York City.

Every group of friends has designated roles for each person. In mine, there's Matt, who everyone can always count on to make a fool of himself, and there's Wes, who always takes too long to get ready, and then there's me. I'm Derek, and I'm the one who can't be taken out in public because all I do is comment on how well or poorly set the type is on every passing sign or building.

Design is everything to me and I am a firm believer that there is no excuse for poor design. Good design isn't just a necessary part of every day life, it's an absolute blast to create! I strive to maintain a high standard for all my work, both in concept and execution. Apart from my obsession with all things typographic, I enjoy illustrating, making prints along with messes, and singing when no one's around.

I'm here to make this world a beautiful place, and have fun in doing so. If you would like to help me then I'd love to work with you. Let's get in touch!

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